Tel Aviv Terrorist Bombing

The names of the victims: Itzik Buzaglo, 40, from the Galilee moshav of Mishmar Hayarden; Yael Orbach, 28, from Rehovot; Aryeh "Arik" Nagar, 36, from Kfar Sava (Kfar Saba); Ronen Rubenov, 28, of Tel Aviv.

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters writes on Israel's decision to suspend a planned prisoner exchange in protest:
Now that Sharon has frozen even the preliminary releases, the militants have all the excuse they need to declare open season on Israeli citizens again, and Abbas can blame the intransigence of the Israelis for the collapse of the cease fire. Abbas may make some preliminary noise about taking action against the militants, but in a short period of time he will lay the blame against Sharon ...

Read the whole ... well, you get the idea.

UPDATE: Are you following the story at Regime Change Iran? This great new blog deserves everyone's attention. They have the latest scoop on a possible Tehran connection.