Washington DC Protest: Veterans Remove Barricades

Breitbart reports that veterans are removing barricades from war
memorials to bring them directly to the White House.



The World Today: 2013-10-02 Wednesday

Death toll in Kenya mall attack is at least 67; Somali-based al-Shabaab
threatens more attacks.

US Government shutdown continues during budget dispute.

Tom Clancy dies.

Belmont Club: Risks and navigators.
'The rollout of Obamacare — the proximate cause of the of 'shutdown' —
has become a headline in itself. The touted health care exchanges were
experiencing highly publicized difficulties all over the country. A
rollout of this size was never going to be easy in the best of
circumstances. But in this case many of the problems experienced were
the direct consequence of the length of the law and its attendant
regulatory complexity. ...'

Remarks. The headlines today are pretty depressing, so I think it's
important to remember to stay focused on what we can do. Here's an
article on the '2 Million Bikers to DC' event that happened last month.
It didn't get much media coverage but Time at least gave it this:
There's lots more on the group's Facebook page:

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