IRI Catches "Mole", Worries Over Protests

A new bulletin from Debka reports:
DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources reveal: A high-placed Iranian mole has been caught in Iranian president Mohammed Khatami’s office in Tehran.

Hossein Marashai, head of Iran’s cultural heritage council, was caught using a sophisticated US-manufactured listening-long-distance-transmitting device at top-level Iranian leadership meetings. DEBKAfile’s sources calls this the deepest foreign intelligence penetration in all 26 years of Iran's Islamic regime.

I don't care to dwell on the likely fate of Hossein Marashai at this hour; but I will be praying for him and his family. Let us hope his service in the cause of freedom will not be in vain.

On a brighter note, the cause of freedom seems to be marching forward - and it's been marching through the streets of Tehran lately, according to this thread on Free Iran:
From an Iranian Student:
I am receiving confirmed reports of protests in Alameh university campus in Tehran, now.

BBC Persian language service confirms the reports and posted a news story in Persian language on this.

A group of students are on strike in Tehran to ask for freedom of expression and release of all political prisoners.

They are protesting against the closure of newspapers, imprisonment of outspoken professors!

They demand support from the free world and the US! They support hunger strike of political prisoners. ...
Visit Regime Change Iran for updates.

If they can keep it up for six hours or more, the regime will have a real problem on its hands:
In a recent secret report to the Iranian regime's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps pointed out that were a demonstration or rebellion to last more than six hours in Tehran, the security apparatus would no longer be able to control the situation.

"Society is in an unstable state. Were certain sensitive locations in Tehran to 'explode' under these circumstances, and the capital sink into chaos, if uprisings continue unabated and grow larger for more than six hours in Tehran, the situation would become uncontrollable", the report said.

The Iranian capital has been the scene of numerous clashes between people and State Security Forces over the past few months.

The Iranian regime has stepped up repression throughout the capital over the past year to combat any outbursts against the state.

Clashes have also erupted elsewhere in Iran in recent weeks. Iranian Kurds and security agents clashed heavily on Friday in three towns in western Iran, leaving dozens injured and hundreds arrested.

The disruption occurred after SSF agents used force to disperse demonstrations taking place simultaneously in the towns of Sardasht, Saqqez, and Baneh in protest against severe fuel shortages in the area, eye-witnesses reported. ...

Read the whole story at Iran Focus for full details. Hey, I wonder how that "secret report" got out ... our friend Hossein Marashai, perhaps?