"Death To America" Day

Iranian freedom activists marked the anniversary of the islamist revolution in Iran with civil disobedience:
Millions of Iranians inflicted, today, another heavy slap to the face of the shacky and unpopular Islamic regime by boycotting its "celebration of the 26th anniversary of revolution" by staying home or afar from the official gatherings.

In Tehran, the regime was not able to bring more than 70 or 80 thousands of professional demosntrators or forced employees of the government. The Capital's inhabitants are over 12 Millions.

Thousands of homes had shut off their lights from 09:00 PM on Wednesday while hundreds of maverick Iranians sized the occasion in order to get into the streets and bring down many of the regime's electrical propaganda tools in southern, western and eastern parts of the Capital and in cities, such as, Shiraz, Hamedan and Esfahan.

Slogans were shouted from roofs against the regime and its leaders by calling an end to the rule of the Islamic regime.

Iranians will be shuting off again their home's lights this evening from 09:00 PM.

SMCCDI had called for such Civil Disobeidance Actions in a statement read by opposition radios, such as KRSI, and during a NITV special program, with the presence of the Movement's Coordinator and responsibles of other opposition groups, such as, Payvand e Iranian, Marzeporgohar and Iranian Jewish Federation. The NITV special long programing took place just few hours before and ended by 05:00 PM of Wedenesday.

Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera-on-the-Thames gave its version of events:
Tens of thousands of Iranians have braved blizzards to attend rallies marking the 1979 Islamic revolution.

The government had urged people to turn out to show support for its nuclear programme amid pressure led by the US. ...