Melissa Q&A

Melissa Etheridge answers questions in a respected New York newspaper:
QSharon Blynn, Manhattan, founder of Baldisbeautiful.org, writer, actress, model, ovarian-cancer survivor: Given society's narrow notions about what is beauty and what is feminine, how did you react when you faced losing your hair and, possibly, your breasts?

MBecause I'm a lesbian, my experi ence might be a little different from a heterosexual woman. I felt less feminine before the cancer. I am more in contact with my femininity now. When I see pictures of me bald, I realize I am more feminine with my head shaved than I've ever been. I thought this was really going to butch me up — but it didn't. It brought out my femininity. ...

QCassandra G. Perry, Manhattan, cancer-support specialist: When I saw you on TV, you said you were going to eliminate everything toxic from your life. How will you do that — and how can I?

MYou start on a small level and then you expand. The toxicity may be a relationship, stress or the kind of food you're eating — you have to look at your whole life. ...

QMary Murphy, Queens, home maker, breast-cancer survivor: Are you religious? How does breast cancer affect your spiritual life?

MI regard religion and spirituality as two separate things. I'm not reli gious, but I'm very spiritual. This cancer journey has locked in my spirituality and opened up my mind. I'm not afraid to die anymore. I understand the human spirit more, and that's separate from the human body. ...

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