Reminder: Iran Regime Change Petition

If you haven't done so yet, please take a moment to read and sign this petition. It addresses the commonality of interests that Richard Perle spoke of so eloquently when he said, "There are two issues, but a single policy toward Iran would advance both purposes."

Even as we sit here, the islamist entity is working to develop nuclear weapons to destroy Israel, blackmail America, and threaten Iran's Arab neighbors. The United States or Israel may soon have no choice but to act in their own defense and crush the regime's nuclear capabilities before it is too late. A "surgical strike" alone, however, would do nothing to advance the cause of the Iranian people, who have no quarrel with Israel or America but whose lives would be made even more wretched in the internal crackdown that would surely follow such an attack.

Therefore, this petition argues, it is in the common interests of the US, Israel, and the people of Iran that any action against the regime not be limited to a surgical strike, which would merely "wound the beast", but must rather encompass a comprehensive regime change leading to a free and democratic Iran. This petition is officially endorsed by the Iranian dissident site Activistchat.com and currently carries almost 1,000 signatures. Make sure yours is one of them.

Read and sign the petition here:
True Security Begins with Regime Change in Iran