No Apologies from Perle

Richard Perle is in the mood for kicking something, not kissing it, as this wonderful interview in Die Welt makes plain. (And a big danke schoen to Davids Medienkritik.)
Q: Will President Bush continue on the same course in
his second term or will he listen to people
who advise him to rely more on soft power than on
military force?

A: We don’t want to emulate the Europeans.  The
Europeans employ soft power day and night.  They
cannot get enough of it.  That isn’t our role. Our
role is not to pretend – as the Europeans pretend –
that soft power can change North Korea’s Kim Jong Il
or the mullahs. ...

Q: A primary European criticism of the America
concerns its behavior with respect to international law.
Europeans regret that the US deliberately undermines
the world order created by Roosevelt and its
institutions, such as the UN.

A: What world order?  The UN passed 17 resolutions
against Saddam Hussein and did nothing to enforce
them.  It was weak and ineffective.

And it just gets better. Go read the whole thing at the link.

But in case you're really pressed for time, The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler sums it up very nicely in just four lines.