RLS: No Tears for Eason Jordan

Roger L. Simon (and that's Roger L. Simon, the blogger) will not be weeping for the recently deposed Eason Jordan:
... It is hard to find sympathy for Jordan, although a great many in the "MSM" do. This is a man who was willing to overlook the evils of Saddam so that his reporters in Iraq would be safe. Or so he claimed. How about telling the truth about Saddam from the outside? Evidently he wasn't interested in something so obvious. The people of Iraq were irrelevant to him. Only CNN and his own career, it seems. ...

Apropos Valentine's Day, Roger also offers his thoughts on Eason Jordan's love life. Read the whole post here:
Roger L. Simon: A Moral Issue

And we may gain some insights into the culture of CNN by reading about the network's role models (hat tip: Little Green Footballs).