German Pilot, Passengers Thwart Iran Extradition

Many thanks to Spenta for translating this Persian news item from Peykeiran at the Free Iran message board:
Pilot of a Luftansa flight from Frankfurt to Tehran refused to take off and return an Iranian woman to Iran!

According to a report from the Women's 8th of March Organisation, dozens of Iranian and Afghani activists from the organisation, activists from the German Leftist groups, and members of other Iranian opposition groups, participated in a protest action to stop the deportation of an Iranian woman political refugee at Frankfurt airport. They notified passengers of this inhuman act, and asked them to refuse to fly on the flight. As a result of this unified action, the pilot of the Lufthansa Frankfurt to Tehran flight, in solidarity with the protestors, refused to takeoff. According to other reports some of the passengers also supported this protest action. The German police arrested the protestors, including many memebrs of the 8th of March Women's organisation and German groups, many of whom are still detained. Today the German police was not successful in deporting Zahra Kameli. This action showed again that with united and aggressive international action the impossible can be made possible.

Zahra Kameli, who faces certain death if deported to Iran, is still alive because of the actions of decent people. There is hope. Read the story, with Spenta's comments, at the link. And keep working for Zahra Kameli - and the thousands of prisoners of conscience, as well as the millions of ordinary citizens still held hostage by fascism in the Middle East.