Anti-Syria Protest in Beirut

Direct from CNN:
BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Chanting "Syria out," thousands of people packed the streets of Beirut to protest the presence Syrian forces in Lebanon -- and the influence they believe Syria has on the Lebanese government.

They had the support of President George W. Bush who, at a speech in Brussels Monday, called on Syria to "end its occupation of Lebanon."

"The Lebanese people have the right to be free, and the United States and Europe share an interest in a democratic, independent Lebanon," he said. ...

CNN: Anti-Syria Protest in Beirut, Lebanon

MSNBC: How soon is soon?
(AP) BEIRUT, Lebanon - Tens of thousands of opposition supporters shouted insults at Syria and demanded the resignation of their pro-Syrian government in a Beirut demonstration Monday, marking a week since the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. ...

In Damascus, Arab League chief Amr Moussa said Syria will “soon” take steps to withdraw its army from Lebanese areas in accordance with a 1989 agreement. It was not clear whether that meant Syria would completely leave Lebanon as demanded by the international community.

Moussa spoke after a meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad. Syria itself has made no announcements about troop withdrawals.

MSNBC: Lebanese Protesters Demand Syria Out

ITM: The Mideast Tsunami
Omar at Iraq the Model checks in on the Lebanon demonstrations - and the ones in Egypt:
It seems that the demand on freedom and democracy in the ME is increasing even faster than we expected. Obviously the effects of the Tsunami of Jan 30 in Iraq and the September 11 of Lebanon have already started to play their role in shaping the region.

Meanwhile, there were demonstartions in Egypt (photo here) asking Mubarak to step out and calling for elections rejecting a 5th term for the president that has been ruling the country with emergency law since 1981 after the assassination of president Anwar Sadat. The slogan held by the demonstrators was "Kifayah" which means "enough is enough".

Go to the post for links and photos:
ITM: Tsunami

Live from the Land of the Pharaohs
... Big Pharaoh says he's never seen anything like it:
I have to admit that I never witnessed such unprecedented demonstrations in Egypt. Here the figure of the president is revered and no one dares to cross this red line. The president in Egypt is like the pope to Catholics or the Imam to Shias, he's infallible and he's eternal. This is the reason why I am very surprised that the issue of Mubarak's fifth term is actually being discussed inside and outside Egypt. ...

GM adds, however, that he sees no current alternatives to Mubarak. Read the whole post:
Hundreds Tell Mubarak 'Enough'

Stay tuned: Dreams Into Lightning will keep you posted on the revolution in the Mideast.