Saddam's Half-Brother Captured

Sab'awi Ibrahim al-Hasan al-Tikriti, a half-brother of Saddam Hussein on his mother's side and a close aide to the deposed dictator, has been captured, Iraqi officials said. CNN reports:
Sab'awi Ibrahim al-Hasan al-Tikriti was No. 36 on the U.S. military's Iraqi 55 Most Wanted List, and one of only 12 people on the list who remained free.

A half-brother on Hussein's mother's side, al-Tikriti held many positions in his regime, the latest being that of Hussein's personal adviser.

There is evidence that al-Tikriti was financing insurgents in the post-Saddam era, an Iraqi intelligence official told CNN.

His son, Omar Sab'awi Ibrahim al-Tikriti, was known as a high-ranking Ba'athist and was active in the "General Union of Iraqi Students and Youth." ...