Sudan Action

You already know that genocide is taking place in Sudan. The Untied Nations knows it, too, but they won't use the G word, because that would mean they'd have to DO something.

Well, YOU can do someting. Send a message to the UN and tell Kofi Annan to get a clue. Go to the anti-slavery website iAbolish and sign the petition to the UN:
In October, the UN belatedly responded to outrage over atrocities in Sudan by launching a commission. The commission had three months to determine whether genocide was occurring in Sudan. Today, four months later, the report has not been issued.

But on Friday the Los Angeles Times reported that the UN has found "no evidence of crimes against humanity with an ethnic dimension" in Sudan. Instead, it will only condemn "individuals who may have acted with a 'genocidal intention.'"

Reuters is also reporting that Sudan's Foreign Minister, Mustafa Osman Ismail, claims the regime he represents will not be cited for genocide. "We have a copy of that report and they didn't say there is a genocide," Ismail told journalists.

I write to urge the UN not to forsake its heritage. The UN was founded after World War II to ensure that the international community would act to stop genocide. But now months are going by and the UN is standing by.

The very least you can do is be honest about the problem. The Sudanese government is sending forces to destroy villages, abduct women and children into slavery, murder civilians, and forcibly starve hundreds of thousands. The Sudanese military has bombed villages and then prevented African Union peacekeepers from investigating.

Please do not hide from the word "genocide." If the UN cannot be clear about the problem, then it cannot provide a solution. The Sudanese regime has clearly committed acts of genocide and continues to do so. Sudan's leaders must be held accountable by the international community.

The UN should say the truth. Otherwise, the truth will be that the UN is broken.

Go do this now. Click on the link, and tell the guys at Turtle Bay to get serious.