Liberation Blog Death? Not a chance.

So, you might be wondering whether things are going to get a bit more low-key here at Dreams Into Lightning. Isn't it time to end the honeymoon? Turn down the passion a little? After all, we've just celebrated Iraq's first free election, and this blog has been running for almost 10 months now ... that's a long time in "blog years". You might be thinking that this relationship of ours has been getting cozy, comfortable ... and not very exciting. Not that the spark is gone, why no, not at all, it's just that the novelty isn't quite there anymore. Oh, a new posting every now and then, sure, to keep the magic alive. But even that might be, well ... an anti-climax.

Is that what you've been thinking? Well, perish the thought. Times may change, but Dreams Into Lightning is only just getting warmed up. There will be no Liberation Blog Death around here - the excitement is just beginning. We're going to keep up the heat on the political front and continue fighting fascism wherever we see it. But we're also going to branch out into culture, the arts, and other fun stuff. Oh, there may be occasional dry spells (as when yours truly has to study for an exam), but the party is just getting started.

So fret not, gentle reader ... the best is yet to come.