Iraq Update

"Proof that they're losing." Desperate terrorists have abandoned their failed plan of thwarting the Iraqi elections, and are falling back on their other failed plan of trying to provoke a civil war, says Mohammed. Mohammed sees good progress in the important business of building bridges between Coalition and Iraqi security forces. He notes with approval the use of keychains with hotline phone numbers for counter-terrorism tips by citizens, and adds that a website for that purpose would be helpful too. The Iraqi media, for their part, are playing an important role in combating terrorism, often at great risk. And perhaps not surprisingly, a syrian connection emerges ... read the rest at the link.

Janeane Garofalo and Riverbend are among his guilty pleasures, but Mister Ghost at IBC does a good job of holding down the fort. Read about fifteen-year-old HNK's bad dream, Ahmed's depressed musings, and Iraqi guest students ... and see the latest picture of Aya.

Army journalist Sminklemeyer is In Iraq for 365, and he wants to share the experience with you. Go to the current posts link, and read about his running partner, Iraqi military graduations, and the kid with cancer on his tongue. Also, the blogger gets a friendly reminder (and a souvenir) from a Milwaukee cop while stateside.