Morning Report: June 30, 2004

Saddam, aides to go to Iraqi custody; arraignment Thursday. Saddam Hussein and eleven aides were transferred to the legal custody of the new Iraqi government on Wednesday, although the "dirty dozen" will remain in US legal custody. The deposed dictator will face formal charges in an Iraqi tribunal on Thursday, although the formal indictment may take months. US forces will retain custody of the prisoners until Iraqi security is ready to hold them. (CNN)

Alleged sex offender challenged to debate accuser. Bill Clinton, the former US President who was charged with sexual harassment, has been challenged to a debate by his alleged victim, Paula Jones. "I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to be out and meet him eye-to-eye and tell him he knows he did what he did to me. But Bill Clinton would never agree to something like that," Jones said. Jones' suit, filed in 1994, charged that Clinton, while he was still governor of Arkansas, groped her and exposed himself to her in a hotel room. The lawsuit was settled in November 1998, with a payment of $850,000 but no admission of wrongdoing by Clingon. (CNN)