I've Been Your Fan Since Yesterday

I've just had one of those moments when nothing else mattered except music: not just any music, but that ONE BAND I feel like I've been waiting all my life to hear. In this case the band is Electrelane, a four-woman band from England. Their music is melodic, lyrical, moody, haunting. I heard their CD "The Power Out" yesterday at Everyday Music and had to buy it right away. Haven't taken it off the CD player since. Reminds me a little of the duo Dusty Trails (Vivian Trimble and Josephine Wiggs). Now I have to dig up all of Electrelane's EP's and singles.

The point of it all? Life goes on ... winning the war matters, but other stuff matters too. You've got to be able to enjoy life, or why bother? Freedom is for living.