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Life after death. Right Thinking Girl has a 9/11 story you won't forget. Just read it. Thanks to Baldilocks.

Prejudice and the prairie. A Liberal Canadian MP's remark gets Kate hot under the collar, and it ought to bother you, too. Labeling conservatives as "droolers and knuckledraggers" and calling people from rural areas "rednecks" is disgusting, and it's typical of the hypocrisy of elite so-called "liberals" who fancy themselves defending freedom of thought. I grew up in Connecticut, and I love my native New England dearly but I don't love the bigoted attitudes towards Southerners that were all too often tolerated in our "enlightened" society.

"You are too dark. We want to make a light baby." CaribPundit describes rape as ethnic cleansing in Sudan in harrowing detail.

In the driver's seat. Citing the proverb that "nobody washes a rented car", BigPharoah expresses confidence in Iraq's future, saying that "Early indicators show that the vast majority of Iraqis are willing to give this new government a chance and they will base their judgment on how well Allawi does in providing security, jobs, clean water, and electricity." He cautions that Allawi's government must learn from the mistakes of the CPA, and make security and services a top priority or face the wrath of the Iraqi people. Drawing on his experience in the PR world, he also notes that the perception of sovereignty - or lack of sovereignty - is everything: multinational forces "shouldn't fire a single bullet" without the approval of the Iraqi government; and Iraqi visibility in security forces must increase.