California: Anti-semite attacks Poway Chabad, one dead.

A gunman walked into a Chabad-Lubavitch center outside San Diego during services on the last day of Passover on Saturday morning and opened fire, killing one person and injuring three. The suspect, John Earnest, a 19-year-old white male from San Diego, is in custody.

Around 11:30 a.m., as the congregation had been listening to the biblical verses describing the observance of Passover, the service was abruptly interrupted by gunshots. Once, twice, they rang out from the lobby, fatally striking Lori Gilbert-Kaye, 60, of Poway and grievously injuring the synagogue’s rabbi, Yisroel Goldstein, who later required surgery on both hands. Six more shots then rang out, injuring 8-year-old Noya Dahan and her uncle, 34-year-old Almog Peretz of Sderot, Israel, who suffered a gunshot wound to the leg as he led his niece and a group of children to safety.

As the terrorist paused to reload, a Chabad regular and U.S. military veteran heroically rushed him. As the shooter fled, an off-duty Border Patrol officer shot and struck the shooter’s vehicle four times. ...
Arutz Sheva:
Multiple people were injured Saturday in a shooting at the Chabad of Poway synagogue. Poway is approximately 20 miles north of San Diego.

The attack occurred at just prior to 11:30 a.m. local time.

All four of the patients were sent to the Palomar Medical Center.

60-year-old Lori Gilbert Kaye was identified as the woman who was murdered in the shooting attack. ...
Daily Caller - unarmed combat vet charges shooter:
The man who fired a semi-automatic weapon inside the Chabad of Poway synagogue in San Diego on Saturday froze, dropped his gun and sprinted to his car when he saw Oscar Stewart come barreling toward him, yelling so loud the priest at a neighboring church could hear.

“Get down!” Stewart yelled, according to his wife and others who were at the scene. “You motherfucker! I’m going to kill you!”

Others who were there later told him it sounded like four or five people were shouting. He thinks maybe an angel was standing behind him and speaking through his voice. When the shooter ran, he immediately gave chase. ...
Jewish Journal - Lori Gilbert-Kayre remembered:
Today at synagogue an anti-Semitic murderer shot and killed my friend Lori Gilbert Kaye z”l, age 60. Lori you were a jewel of our community a true Eshet Chayil, a Woman of Valor. You were always running to do a mitzvah (good deed) and gave tzedaka (charity) to everyone. Your final good deed was taking the bullets for Rabbi Mendel Goldstein to save his life. Lori leaves behind a devastated husband and a 22-year-old daughter. ...


Bloody Sunday: Muslim terrorists kill over 200 Christians on Easter in Sri Lanka.

The death toll from the seven explosions that ripped through Sri Lanka’s churches and hotels on Easter Sunday has shot up again to 215 with 500 injured. Among the dead are scores of tourists, believed to be American, British, Dutch, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Pakistani, Moroccan and Indian. They have not been identified. No organization has taken responsibility for the atrocity. After an emergency cabinet meeting in Colombo, investigators were still groping in the dark, although Indian sources say the multiple attack on Christian worship, including at least two suicide attacks, bears all the hallmarks of the Islamic State,

The cabinet in emergency session initially responded by imposing a night curfew on all parts of Sri Lanka and shutting down access to the social media, in an attempt to restore a semblance of control. By afternoon, the government ordered all universities closed until further notice and the mail rail service suspended, apparently in expectation of more attacks. The defense ministry reported a raid on a home and the arrest of 7 people suspected of planning and executing the terrorist attacks. This report was greeted with general skepticism as an attempt to prove the authorities were in control. ...

Long War Journal:
The Islamic State has released three statements and a video claiming responsibility for the bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

The first, a terse statement by Amaq News Agency, offered no details about the operation, saying simply that a security “source” told the group’s media arm that the so-called caliphate’s “fighters” had carried out the attacks.

The Islamic State subsequently released a longer statement, saying that 1,000 people were killed or injured in the orchestrated assault. That statement highlighted the fact that Christians were the intended target, as they are supposedly at war with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s enterprise. The statement also provides the aliases for several of the bombers.

Amaq News then produced a third statement, including a photo of the eight alleged perpetrators standing in front of the flag typically flown by the group. ...

CNN roundup here.


Genesis: Crime and punishment.

Mankind's archetypal crime, Cain's murder of Abel, points to a persistent flaw in human nature: It is always easier to tear the other guy down, than to try to improve yourself.

The consequence in politics is that it is easier to erase the progress of others, so as to give yourself a lower bar by which to be judged. It's hard to stand tall among temples and skyscrapers; easier, on a plain filled with rubble.


G-d showed mercy to Cain, and what's the thanks He got? Mankind devolved into violence. The mark of Cain, meant to protect the killer from arbitrary mob justice, became a status symbol. Four generations later, Lemech could brag, "I've killed a man for wounding me, and a boy for bruising me - if Cain was avenged 7 times, then Lemech for 77." Mankind had perverted G-d's compassion into a literal license to kill. No wonder He's pissed.

After the Flood, G-d decrees that there are going to be some new rules. "Who sheds the blood of man, by man shal his blood be shed."


Edmonton: The end of Gay Pride.

Andy Ngo reports that the 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival was cancelled after a long list of demands from social justice activists. 'They wanted the entire structure & funding to go to centering "QTIBPOC trans folx," including a vigil to victims of colonialism & capitalism.'

Identity politics reaches its logical conclusion.

Gay Pride is officially over. May it rest in peace.

And, really, isn't this how it needed to end?

If you're gay, be gay; if you're straight, be straight; if a woman, be a woman, if a man, be a man. Know who you are and be yourself; respect your fellow humans and expect the same from them. Live honorably and seek responsibility. That's real pride.


North Korea / USA: Trump, Kim meet in Hanoi for summit.

Thousands flocked to see President Donald Trump arrive in Vietnam on Tuesday for the diplomatic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Trump landed at the Hanoi airport early evening and was welcomed by over a dozen Vietnamese officials and American diplomats.

He traveled about 30 minutes to his hotel, as thousands of people lined the streets to welcome the president, according to reporters. Many of the locals waved U.S. and Vietnamese flags. ...

Austin Bay at StrategyPage on DJT and US/NK diplomacy:

This “first brush” narrative in this section describes ongoing history. It collects illustrative, connected events and actions that occurred from March 2017 to March 2018. When examined in concert, theysketch a concerted effort to wage twenty-first-century “cocktail” warfare by employing and coordinating American power in pursuit of a geo-strategic goal: denuclearizing North Korea. Subsequent events will determine the effectiveness of this particular multi-dimensional operation.

The Coercive Diplomacy narrative actually begins with Donald Trump’s October 24, 1999 Meet the Press interview with Tim Russert.

The interview is a historically illuminating flash forward to his administration’s 2017–2018 “de-nuclearizing” North Korea coercivediplomatic effort. It also adds convincing depth to the US narrativethat “North Korea has gone too far.” ...

Israel / Russia: Netanyahu - Putin summit begins in Moscow.

Arutz Sheva:
The meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow has begun. Netanyahu told Putin: "The connection between us prevented friction between the armies."

The two will discuss Iranian presence in Syria and other regional military concerns

Before his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said they would discuss the Syrian situation and Iran’s military presence in Syria. “We shall carry on with our operations for the removal of Iranian forces from Syria,” he said. Netanyahu, who is also defense minister, is accompanied by Air Force commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Nurkin and Military Intelligence Chief Maj. Gen. Tamir Hayman. DEBKAfile adds: A Russian delegation spent the week in Israel preparing the talks between the two leaders. It was composed of high foreign ministry officials and military officers.

Nigeria: Buhari re-elected over challenger Atiku.

President Muhammadu Buhari has won the 2019 presidential election polling 15,191,847 votes to defeat his closest challenger and former vice president, Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Mr Abubakar, who served as vice president between 1999 and 2007, polled 11,262,978 votes to finish as runner-up.

Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), declared Mr Buhari the winner of the election and returned him as duly elected.

"I, Professor Mahmood Yakubu hereby certify that I was the returning officer for the election held on the 23rd of February, 2019. ..."


North Korea: Cyber attack on South revealed; details on spy program.

Strategy Page:
February 24, 2019: Yet another North Korean Cyber War attack on South Korea was recently discovered. This one involved a successful effort to hack an Android bus navigation app used in four South Korean cities. The malware, once on the phone, sent back all information found on the phone that included matching one of the words on a list. The nature of the words on key word list indicated the malware was collecting military and political information useful mainly to North Korea. This android malware had been in operation since August 2018 and was discovered and eliminated by the end of 2018.

South Korea believes there are more bits of North Korean malware at work as attacks like this have been on the increase for years. South Korea intelligence believes that most of these hackers are working outside North Korea, if only because the Internet connections are better. There are believed to be about 200 of these North Korea hacker cells (mainly in China, Russia and Southeast Asia nations) each with a few to a dozen personnel and usually hiding in plain site as “employees” of legitimate firms (often set up by locals working for North Korea). These thousand or so North Korea hackers are in it mainly for the money and manage to earn nearly $100 million a year for the Kim dynasty back home. While overseas the North Korean hackers, and their families back home are treated well, by North Korean standards. If any of these hackers tries to escape the special security agents assigned to prevent that, they are not really free. Those North Korean hackers that make it out alive will be declared traitors and efforts made to hunt them down and kill them. ...
Read the rest at the link.


Shabbat shalom!

Portland: Antifa at town hall meeting.

Via Andy Ngo at YouTube. Andy's account of the incident follows:

'On Feb. 22, 2019 at a "listening session" at Maranatha Church organized by the Portland Police chief on policing issues, the public raged at her, the mayor, and conservatives who showed up. The previous week, a slanted report from Willamette Week portrayed Portland Police Lt. Niiya as a "collaborator" with Patriot Prayer, a right-wing protest group. The public and city council expressed outcry, despite the fact that it was the responsibility of Niiya to build rapport with a variety of protesters to gather intel. The intel he gathered was fed directly to the Mayor's office to track protest plans. Niiya has been removed from his position and Mayor Wheeler demanded an investigation into him following the report's release. At the town hall meeting, citizens called police chief Danielle Outlaw a "traitor" to black and brown people, and demanded that Portland Police be disbanded. At one point, Haley Adams, a Jewish right-wing activist, yelled at the panel for allowing the public to mistreat the few conservative speakers (an elderly woman was told to sit down; an elderly man was called 'racist'). Adams was surrounded and called "Nazi Scum." She was kicked out for disorderly behavior.'


Portland: Ristretto Roasters vs. the internet mob.

Nancy Rommelmann on how a former employee destroyed a business.
The career-destroying potential of the internet mob immediately snapped into action. Articles appeared in at least four newspapers and on innumerable websites. People on social media hurried to declare that they would never again spend a penny at Ristretto and were rewarded with approval from like-minded peers. A college-age girl walked into one of the cafes screaming, variously, that the baristas were in danger, and that working for Ristretto somehow posed a threat to the community. Employees who had previously been secure in their jobs became jittery and quit. One of Din’s managers suggested that he sell the company and that I offer a public apology before it was too late.

This was within 48 hours of the first news reports appearing. ...