Let's Blogroll!

Baldilocks isn't holding her breath waiting for Tenet's tell-all book. She also has some thoughts about Reggie Rivers, older veterans, and the science of love. Go check out her recent posts.

Lady luck smiles on Ginmar. Let's all pray things don't change again.

ASV has a few theories.

Serenity has a special seires in honor of the anniversary of D-Day (June 6). Take a few minutes to read the names and the stories, and look at the faces. Don't even try to understand the numbers - they defy comprehension.

Mamamontezz has a very special D-Day tribute of her own.

Jane calls on the Blogistan Liberation Army to march forward. (Also includes a short piece by yours truly.)

And again on the subject of anniversaries, do you remember what happened fifteen years ago? Instapundit does.

Meanwhile, in a certain Western nation, Christians are being harassed for practicing their religion in public, the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler reports.

Finally, the Belmont Club offers a postscript to the Bin Laden memo. Wretchard stresses the main points illustrated by the fictional memorandum: that our enemies, understanding that they cannot defeat us in a direct confrontation, have sought (with great success) to turn the self-destructive elements of Western society against the West itself. He concludes: "In the Memo author's view, that this possibility exists at all is a judgement on the West. The West is disgusted with itself; longs to die; yearns for condemnation. The job of the Faithful is but to put it out of its misery. Standing offstage only by their implied presence is the remnant of the West that that has not lost sight of love; that remembers its covenant; that recalls "the starlight on the western seas." That is whom the Jihad must defeat and all it must defeat."