Leftist Homophobia

"Members of the gay group OutRage! and the Queer Youth Alliance took part in a London demonstration May 15 urging greater respect for human rights in Palestine. they also carried signs urging the Palestinian Authority to stop arresting and torturing homosexuals, which led to friction with other demonstrators.

"When they arrived in Trafalgar Square to join the protest, the gay activists were surrounded by Islamic fundamentalists, Anglican priests and members of the Socialist Workers Party, the Stop the War Coalition and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign who called them 'racists', 'Zionists', and 'CIA and MI5 agents', according to Peter Tatchell of OutRage!. He said the gay activists were told to move to the rear of the demonstration and, when they refused, the protest organizers blocked their placards and shouted down their interviews with reporters. ..."

- Just Out (Portland, Oregon), June 4, 2004