Morning Report: June 20, 2004

Attempt on Iraqi health minister's life fails. An assassination attempt on Dr. Ala'adin Alwan, the Iraqi minister of health, failed, ending in a gun battle that wounded seven police officers and 10 civilians. (CNN)
Missile strike aimed at Zarqawi kills 16. According to BGen. Mark Kimmitt, "multiple intelligence sources" indicate that a number of members of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's terror network were killed in a US missile strike in Fallujah which targeted a suspected safe house. Accounts from other sources gave varying reports on the number of casualties and the number of missiles fired. (Fox)
Paris arrests seal Paris/Tehran deal, activists charge. Following lucrative business deals last spring between the Iran regime and the French corporations Alcatel and Renault, French police in June arrested 164 members of the exiled Iranian opposition in Paris, in a set of coincidences that French human rights activists find troubling. Attorney Patrick Baudoin says that "The public should ask itself why this type of operation [was made] at the same time as commercial contracts were signed with a tyrannical and terrorist regime". (Telegraph UK, via Free Iran)
Paul Johnson "closer to Allah". "What happened should make us more determined on pursuing our goals to spread freedom and democracy because they are the only way to destroy the environment that favors the growth of such parasitic creatures and stale convictions. This scene should make us more united, as by allowing hate to dominate we would give those criminals what they want so desperately." - Mohammed, ITM