Morning Report: June 22, 2004

Attacks on Russian posts kill dozens. Separate attacks on Russian government buildings in three towns in Ingushetia, which borders on Chechnya, left at least 46 people dead. An anti-terrorism official said the attacks were carried out by 50 to 100 fighters which included Chechen, Ingush and "possibly" foreign fighters. (CNN)

Britain demands release of eight sailors. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw met with his Iranian counterpart Kamal Kharrazi on Tuesday to discuss the case of the eight British sailors detained by Iran. The sailors were held along with three Royal Navy vessels seized by Iranian forces in the Shatt-al-Arab passage on Monday. The UK also summoned the Iranian ambassador to London to demand the sailors' release: "It was a one-way conversation", a British official explained. Debka notes that UK/IRI relations have been under strain since Britain took a tough line against the Iran regime's nuclear program. Military sources in Iran have stated that the sailors will be prosecuted. Iranian freedom activists have accused Britain of aiding the IRI regime; the latest incident may have important consequences for the future of London-Tehran relations. (various)

Powell hints at Iran sanctions. Secretary of State Colin Powell hinted at sanctions against Iran after meeting with IAEA director general Mohamed el-Baradei on Monday, saying of the IRI regime, "The international community is expecting them to answer its questions [about a suspected nuclear weapons program] and respond fully". (Fox)