Morning Report: June 3, 2004

- DCI George Tenet resigns. (various) George Tenet, the Director of Central Intelligence for the US Government, has announced his resignation, which will become effective July 11. Tenet, a Clinton appointee, has denied that his resignation is the result of outside pressure, citing personal reasons. His position is commonly referred to as "Director of the CIA", which is certainly one of his responsibilities, but the correct title for the job is Director of Central Intelligence - reflecting the fact that he is the head of all the nation's intelligence agencies, not only the CIA. Deputy Director John McLaughlin has been named as acting Director.
Fox: Tenet Resigns
- MSF pulls out of Afghanistan. The French-based humanitarian group Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) announced that it is pulling out of Afghanistan, following an attack on its workers.
CNN: MSF out of Afghanistan.