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Jane at Armies Of Liberation pokes holes in the New York Times' fluff piece about nuclear weapons proliferation.

Gun control is a croc in the Solomon Islands, it would seem, according to a new post by the Head Heeb.

Baldilocks has no patience for Reggie Rivers, citing the conditions endured by Russia's serfs.

The Belmont Club addresses the future of liberalism and conservatism in America. Despite the obvious failures of liberalism, Wretchard cautions that "sooner or later Liberals and Conservatives must form a coalition of national unity." I believe this coalition is already in the making, and I think one of the positive effects of the current struggle will be to revive true political dialogue in America.

Michele earns the Rant Of The Day award for this post at A Small Victory.

Finally, I can add nothing to this post from Feyrouz.