Let's Blogroll!

Jane asks, "Where is the shouting, the grumbling, the Al Gore outburst against the Sudan? Where’s the intellectual-academic-media contingent’s bluster regarding the world’s worst "humanitarian disaster"? Where are the vocal protest marches and Rush Limbaugh’s invective?" Go read her post, and do something.

Ginmar just had her hopes dashed: after initially being told she was getting transferred to a better post, she finds out she's actually going someplace even more remote, isolated, and dangerous than where she is now. Drop by and give her some encouragement.

Michele at ASV is getting settled in, power tools in hand. (Helen Reddy, anyone?) She's now no longer across the street from Mom and Dad, having said goodbye to that house of 14 years. The new place is only a few blocks away but it's a whole new frontier. Best of luck, Michele.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler pays tribute to fellow bloggers.

Black people are cool and have rhythm; Jews are brilliant and good with money; Japanese are brilliant and good with computers; and gay men are flamboyant and fabulous. Right? Tell it to Johann Hari.

Andrew Sullivan recuperates.

Little Green Footballs asks, What's wrong with this picture?

Finally, I'm welcoming Edward Yee to my browser blogroll; I'll get you on my sidebar momentarily, Edward.