Time Magazine Covers Iranian Repression ...

... and cites Regime Change Iran (sort of). Time Online has a great article called Iran Slamming Its Doors on the World. (Wait! I thought it was America that was out of step with "the world". I'm so confuuused ... )

Please go to the link to read the article, but this just jumped out at me:
Using keyword filters and censorship software pirated from U.S. firms, the government blocked thousands of websites containing news, political content and satire. It even blocked the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). The crude filters make it impossible to look up suggestive words such as women, so a Google search on women's pregnancy produces an ACCESS DENIED screen. [emphasis mine - aa]

Those. Fucking. Pigs.

Azadeh Moaveni's very fine article also includes an intended plug for Regime Change Iran, but as of this posting the link at the online piece is incorrect. (Doctor Zin informs me that he knows for a fact the author intended to mention RCI.) Let's hope the good folks at Time get this fixed.