Let's blogroll!

Grace Davis is going to be more social, gosh darnit! and she's signing up for a lodging-swapping project called "Can I crash?"

Alexandra von Maltzan shares some enlightened - and inspiring - thoughts on who is eligible for salvation.

Tom the Redhunter wonders who is eligible for that exalted title of "journalist".

Nykola is bothering people again! (And we're glad she is.) She's been busy! Her recent posts include a link roundup and a photo of the new puppy. And what's this about a new man in her life ... and a guest list?!? All the best to Ambra Nykol - and don't forget to bookmark her.

Michael Totten does Istanbul in a post worth 22,000 words - at least. For Michael's writing, don't miss the just-published account of his recent visit to Libya as only he can tell it.