Night Flashes

North Korean missiles may improve Iran's striking range, reports The Counterterrorism Blog ... from the Jerusalem Post, Condi Rice met with Shimon Peres in Washington, and discussed the upcoming Palestinian elections ... also from JPost, Condi condemned the IRI's decision to go ahead with its nuclear program, saying, "I think we have a good deal of coherence in the view of the major powers about the fact that Iran stepped over a line" ... and via Pajamas Media, Vik Rubenfeld reports some new-found friends from Old Europe on the Iran challenge ... meanwhile Ha'Aretz reports that frum Israelis aren't being allowed into Jordan - their tzizit and tallitot are marking them "persona non grata" - ostensibly it's for their "protection" ... if Tigerhawk didn't know better, they'd almost swear the leftist bloggers didn't support the troops ... and Registan points the way to Regostan (no relation), where you can find the best Plov, somsa, manti, lepioshka, shashlik, and even shorpa.