Ben at Bad Hair: Liberalism vs. the Left

Guestblogger Ben says it better than I can with this guest post at Fausta's Bad Hair Blog: The Liberal Concept:
The Liberal concept, once upon a time, was a rather simple thing: Government, being a construct of the people, has a logical function of improving the lives of the people. Since "the people" means all the people, and the people on the bottom certainly need a lot more improving than the people on the top, liberalism was a- was-- a modern edition of Noblesse Oblige where the powerful looked after the interests of the not so powerful.

The Left's vision no longer has the government doing that. They've mutated. The Elite of the Left are now the new royalty, and their only interest in maintaining an air of Noblesse Oblige is as a cover for their own ends- if your authority is rooted in your efforts to help the poor, then it's kind of self defeating to actually eliminate poverty, isn't it? ...

Maybe the economics are debatable, but not Issue Number One. Activities designed to improve the lives of people presuppose the primary task of keeping those people alive. If you die, all else is moot. ...

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