ShrinkWrapped on Screen Memories

One feature of the ongoing psychological disintegration of the Left is the phenomenon of "screen memories", as explained by ShrinkWrapped:
Screen memories and screen perceptions are innocuous pieces of reality that people focus on when traumatized as a way to deal with the overwhelming anxiety, terror, and impotent anger that trauma provokes. By focusing on a relatively neutral aspect of the traumatic situation, the person is able to preserve an illusion of normalcy and comfort.

The behavior of much of the Media, the Democratic party, and the European elites show all the hallmarks of reliance on such screens to avoid feeling traumatized.

Consider the various dangers our country, and indeed Western Civilization, is currently facing. Much of our current discourse concerns which of two sets of dangers are most significant and most immediate.

On one side of the equation reside the risks of the Bush Administration gradually moving the country to the right, with extreme versions of this worry including creeping fascist theocracy, canceled elections in 2008, and other wild scenarios. ...

On the other side would be the dangers of Islamic fascism in all its many guises.

Go read it all and don't forget to bookmark ShrinkWrapped on your browser.

I've had my own experiences with the Left's collective mental breakdown, but we'll save those for another time.