Morning Report: January 25, 2006

Harper wins, Conservatives gain in Canada vote. Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper emerged the winner in Canada's national election, after incumbent Prime Minister and Liberal Party Leader Paul Martin conceded defeat and resigned his post as party head Monday night. In addition to capturing the office of Prime Minister, the Conservatives gained a plurality in the Canadian Parliament - but not, as Harper acknowledged, an absolute majority: "Although Canadians have voted for change, they have not given any one party in the House of Commons a majority. They have asked us to cooperate, to work together and to get on with tackling the real concerns of ordinary working people and their families," said Harper, quoted in the Telegraph. The CBC has a complete roundup of Canadian election news along with complete results by region and riding (blue means Conservative and red means Liberal here). Kate at Small Dead Animals is happy. Gay and Right has some thoughts. The Belmont Club quotes a thoughtful comment by NDP's Jack Layton, and observes: 'In a certain mental universe the poll victory of Stephen Harper is not one particular outcome in a long series of elections, a process in which sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. It's the northern equivalent of the US Presidential election of 2000. Those who think along those lines do not simply want to win the next election but demonize the enemy and smash them; just as some want to end the reign of Halliburton and BushChimpHitler and establish a progressive hegemony forever. While this mentality is confined to a few, this minority by its militance often sets the agenda. ...' Read the whole post at the link. (various)