Senator John Danforth to Address Log Cabin Convention

News release from Log Cabin Republicans:
We're excited to announce that former U.S. Senator John Danforth (R-MO) will join us for the 2006 Log Cabin Republicans National Dinner. Senator Danforth will receive Log Cabin's Spirit of Lincoln Award. The National Dinner is being held during the 2006 Log Cabin National Convention and Liberty Education Forum National Symposium in Washington, DC. Register now for this special event which runs from April 27-30, 2006.

Senator Danforth, an ordained Episcopalian Minister and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has become a leading opponent of religious extremism and an advocate for building an inclusive GOP. Danforth has written newspaper op-eds and spoken about the need for the GOP to focus on its basic principles of fiscal restraint, a strong military, and an engaged foreign policy. "We reject the notion that religion should present a series of wedge issues useful at election time for energizing a political base. We believe it is God's work to practice humility, to wear tolerance on our sleeves, to reach out to those with whom we disagree, and to overcome the meanness we see in today's politics," writes Danforth.

"We're grateful to have Senator Danforth joining us in Washington for this special event. There is no better voice for an inclusive Republican Party than John Danforth, whose credentials as a loyal Republican, committed conservative, and man of faith are unquestionable," said Patrick Guerriero, President of Log Cabin Republicans.

Aside from Danforth, the National Convention will feature Congressman Jim Kolbe (R-AZ). The only openly gay Republican in Congress recently announced his retirement after 11 terms in the House of Representatives. The National Dinner will pay tribute to Kolbe, who has been Log Cabin's strongest ally on Capitol Hill. Don't miss the chance to see Congressman Kolbe and Senator Danforth.

Event registration here.