Rights and Privileges

Dhimmi Watch gets it just right when noting that lefties might think twice before comparing opponents of gay marriage to the Taliban. That is to say, let's keep a sense of porportion, especially when we learn that Zanzibar bans gay sex.

Let me make myself really clear here. I am not impressed with those who claim to be fighting for the rights of women, gays, and ethnic and religious minorities in America, while ignoring the oppression of minorities, gay people, women, and human beings in general in other parts of the world. If you care only about the rights of American gays, American women, American minorities, then you are not fighting for "rights" at all, but for privileges.

Do I support gay marriage? Yes, absolutely, without a doubt. But what do gay people in Zanzibar - or Iran, or Algeria - care about your right to marry when their right to freedom, perhaps their very right to live, is in jeopardy?