Canadian FM Pettigrew Condemns Iranian "Farce"

Disgusted by the Iranian regime's lack of cooperation in investigating the death in Iranian custody of Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi, Canadian Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew raised the possibility of "joint pressure" by Canada and its allies against Tehran.

The Canadian government has accused Iran's hardline courts of covering up the true circumstances of Iranian-born photographer Zahra Kazemi's death last year in order to protect senior judiciary officials implicated in her murder.

"We've tried dialogue with the Iranian government but it has turned into a farce, this situation around Madame Kazemi," Pettigrew told reporters after meeting Belgian Foreign Minister Karl de Gucht.

"Certainly we are sharing our outrage at the way the Iranian government and the judiciary system has treated this citizen. We lose no opportunity to raise it."

"What we want is to know what has happened in that jail, we've asked for the body to be returned to Canada so that we could autopsy it. They say it's an accident, that she fell. Well, we'll know. When you have the body you know those things," he added.

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