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Wictory Wednesday is observed. CaribPundit's Rtfm reminds us of our duties. The donations window is closing ... get your $$$ off to the GOP today!

"War for the soul of Islam." Go check out Kat's latest series at The Middle Ground. One important post, The Enemy Within, reminds us that we are not at war with Islam itself. 'Let me start out by saying, Islam is not my enemy. No more than Catholicism, Judaism, Pentacostle, Amish, Anime, Hindu, Buddha, atheist (yeah, I count that as a religion), etc. Singling out the religion as the "enemy" or any person that worships in that particular mode as the "enemy" is a rather crude and unrealistic method of sorting out the players in our current situation. If you do, you may well alienate a crucial part of the population from being your ally. So, tonight, I started reading all of the sites and other information passed to me from different sources regarding Islam. ...' Read the rest of the post at the link, and don't forget to explore her site for related and current posts.

BigPharaoh says: No Moore! Heeding the results of a reader survey, GM, alias BigPharaoh, says Hell no! I won't go ... to see Fahrenheit 911. And there's an Arabic word, "bagaha" (participial form: bageh), which applies to certain parties in a certain region of the Western world ...