The Left Imploding; the Dems' Expanding Universe

Not wishing to waste the opportunity to make fools of themselves, the far-left factions are converging on New York with a level of ferocity and viciousness the city hasn't seen since ... well, never mind. But it's getting clearer and clearer that the tide of public opinion is turning: President Bush is now edging ahead in the Rasmussen polls, and while it's too early to get excited, I do think things are going to start looking up.

With lots of help from the moonbats in New York. If Whoopi Goldberg's vulgar joke about "bush" alienated some Kerry supporters, I think these protests will alienate even more. They are showing, more clearly than Karl Rove ever could, the intellectual vacuity and moral bankruptcy of the anti-Bush camp.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has completely lost its moorings and is moving ever farther away from its nonexistent center. Theoretically, the DP may have an ideological "center of gravity"; but through the action of a sort of "cosmological constant", it continues to expand ever further into the abyss.

Democrats who wonder about the direction their party is taking should look well at the faces of the protesters in New York City this week: That is the face of your future.