Morning Report: August 23, 2004

Arson destroys Paris Jewish center. A Jewish community center in Paris was destroyed by arson in a pre-dawn attack Sunday. The incident harmed no one but gutted the six-story building. Thanks to Charles at Little Green Footballs for the link.For the New York Times spin, and its disturbing implications, read the news analysis at LGF and follow the discussion thread.

Leftist cyber-strike backfires. And speaking of LGF, the great minds at Indymedia had the bright idea to threaten a Denial of Service (DOS) attack on LGF and several other sites not to their taste. They also boasted of having hacked into Protest Warrior's mailing list. Read the rest of the story - original post and the unfolding saga of the comments section - at the link.

A hate crime? No certain motive has yet been found for the execuation-style killing of Lindsay Cutshall, 23, and her fiance Jason Allen, 26, as they slept on the beach in Sonoma County, California. No evidence of suicide, sexual assault, or robbery was found. But a Sonoma County Sheriff's spokeswoman, calling the slayings "very odd", indicated that the young couple may have been victims of a hate crime - murdered for their evangelical Christian beliefs.