The Blogging Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Okay, so I took another mental health day. ("Asher, you need more than a mental health day." Thank you, that will be quite enough of that.)

No, really, I needed an extra mental health day, especially since I missed seeing Melissa in Portland last night. Honestly, I'll be fine, and the doctor says these scars on my wrists should heal very quickly.

And what happened while I was Away From Komputer? Well, the world went to hell in a handbasket, that's what. So Lenore The Little Dead Girl has returned to A Small Victory, but only as a harbinger of the blog's impending demise. Michele, I'll sorely miss you.

Oh, and al-Qaeda blew up two planes in Russia. Allawi is kissing Sadr's ass. Terrorists beheaded another Italian. The IRI thugs hanged a sixteen-year-old girl, and then dug up her body. I'm telling you, it's almost enough to make me want to give up blogging.

Hah! You should be so lucky.

Well, listen, here's something to cheer about: US women beat Brazil for soccer medal. I'll give this one its own post, too, but I just had to mention it here.

Finally, couldn't close this post without a tribute to Melissa. Now, I could go on about how gorgeous and sexy she is, but there's something in the Bible about "coveting thy neighbor's wife", and Tammy Lynn Michaels may not live in Portland but she's certainly my "neigbor" in principle. So I must keep it platonic.

From an interview with the local lefty rag, Melissa offers this:

Considering it's an election year, did you feel any pressure to put out a more politically motivated album?

The best thing I can do in this political climate is to be a good example. Be a strong person and live my life well.