Syria Leaves Lebanon

Confronted with the spectacle of thousands of Lebanese citizens marching, protesting, and singing "Edelweiss" (okay, I made that last part up), the Syrian government has withdrawn its military forces from Lebanon.

Michael J. Totten exercises the better part of valor and decides that maybe he doesn't really need that photograph after all. But then again, maybe a camera is superfluous with a word picture like this one:
The soldiers looked like miserable dogs that had been kicked in the ribs with steel-toed boots. The popular uprising in Lebanon had totally thrashed and demoralized them. Every one of them stared into the windows of the bus as we drove past. Many saw my camera and stared at me personally. ...

Roger L. Simon has this:
The Syrians, including their notorious intelligence chief, have left Lebanon four days ahead of schedule. MEANWHILE: The Daily Star has intersting stories on grieving families of Lebanese still in jail despite the Syrian demarche and of tentative Israeli hopes for relations with Lebanon. The dialectic moves on.

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