The Calling

Fruma: You want to kill innocent dragons? How COULD you?
Mirka, responding to her stepmother: But - but - dragons are EVIL! They eat people and stuff!
Fruma: That's just nature. Owls eat other animals, but we don't call owls evil. For that matter, you eat fish and beef and chicken all the time, but you don't propose to kill yourself in revenge. Don't try telling me "eating humans is different". Try selling that to a CHICKENS's mother ... [and yada yada yada]
Mirka: Okay. You're right. I give up. I won't slay any dragons.

Fruma: Mirka! You mean you'd just let a dragon kill and eat the whole village? How COULD you? ...

From the "Hereville" comic by the genius Barry Deutsch. You don't subscribe? Just look what you're missing. Go to Girl-a-Matic right now and sign up ... and discover what Mirka's true calling is. (Hint: It's what every blogger dreams of.)

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