Ethnic Arabs, Persians Join Forces Against IRI Regime

Anti-regime riots continue in Iran as ethnic Arabs protest against the IRI's declared "total persianization" of Khouzestan Province, according to a new item on this thread at Free Iran.
Iran Press Service:
Unrests continued unabated in the oil rich Iranian province of Khouzestan, with local and international sources putting the death toll at about 30 people, including seven revolutionary guards and security men in plain clothes and the number of injured at five hundreds.

Though the authorities insist that they have the full control of the situation and calm had been restored, but an Interior Ministry’s spokesman confirmed on Monday some media’s reports that at least 2 more people had died on Sunday in clashes with security forces in the port of Mahshahr, increasing the number of dead at five people, according to official accounts.

According to the government, troubles in this south-western region of Iran situated on the borders with Iraq started last week after the distribution of a letter, attributed to Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Ali Abtahi, the former Vice-president for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs calling for a “total persianisation” of the Province that is dominated by Iranians of Arab ethnic speaking an Arabic dialect of their own. ...

Read the full analysis at the link. Buried in the middle is the following paragraph: "Commanded by Admiral Ahmad Madani, the Governor of the Province, the fighting lasted several days before the heavily armed Arabs, some of them Iraqi soldiers, were defeated and calm restored. "

Reader Pantea adds the following info: "There are many people calling dissident tv stations, telling them what's going on in Khoozestan. It may have started with the Arabs but other people have joined them."

American commenter Rasker observes: "When the Ceaucescu regime collapsed in Romania, it all started unraveling with demonstrations among German minorities in a backwater town called Timosoara."

It appears that Iranians of all backgrounds are uniting toward a common goal of freedom. Keep an eye on Free Iran.

UPDATE: The latest DebkaNet Weekly (which just hit my e-mail box ten minutes ago) suggests that the CIA and MI6 may be lending a helping hand. No surprises here, but it's nice to know. If it's true, all I can say is: Good for the CIA. Keep an eye on the Debka website for breaking news and analysis about the Mideast; also, consider subscribing to their weekly newsletter. Information is available at the site.