Quote of the Day

Today's words of wisdom come from Eric the Unread, who has just joined our blogroll. (Hat tip: Discarded Lies.)
Last week the Today Programme had some interviews with disaffected Labour voters. Many reiterated the commmon mantras about trust, creeping privatisation, and the Iraq War. I suspect that many of these disaffected Labour voters were not very happy when the Tories were in power for 18 years.

However, one got the feeling, that they would be happy to see Labour lose the election, in order to enjoy that feeling again. Some even imagine that they would be able to titrate the effect of the election, in order to leave Blair in power with a reduced majority - in order to "teach him a lesson". There is, I suppose, a rather comforting thought about being in opposition to something, which is rather spoilt by your party actually being in power.

So true. Go visit the homepage of this anti-fascist, pro-Blair, Labour liberal. Check out his August archives, too, for some surprising background about Geddy Lee, frontman of the Canadian prog band Rush.