The Unfeeling Left

The Unfeeling Left: A Response to E. L. Doctorow

E. L. Doctorow: The Unfeeling President

E. L. Doctorow did not stand atop the still-smoldering grave of nearly 3,000 Americans and address the nation.

The Left ridiculed President Bush for showing emotion at the site of the World Trade Center. How typical. It was the Left, after all, which defended the genocide of Saddam Hussein; which defended the sadistic misogyny of the Taliban; and which continues to worship the false messiah of the United Nations.

Doctorow, secure in his position as a cultured, sophisticated man of letters, decides that he can read the President's mind. Good for him. Doctorow indulges his own righteous eloquence by shedding crocodile tears for my comrades, but remains silent on the hundreds of thousands of people massacred, raped, and tortured under the fascisms of our generation. And this man sets himself up as a voice of conscience?

Right now, even as you and I sit here comfortably looking at our computer screens, the turbaned mafiosi in Tehran are racing to build a nuclear weapon in order to destroy Israel and threaten thousands of Americans and millions of Arabs. Think what it would mean for them to succeed: they want to make Tel Aviv and Jerusalem look like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They will not stop for the United Nations - they've already made that abundantly clear. They will only be stopped by force - the kind of pre-emptive war that Doctorow associates with the Neanderthals.

Right now, Iraq and Afghanistan are preparing to hold democratic elections and are taking the first steps - painful steps, to be sure - toward a future of freedom and prosperity. This is happening because of people like President Bush; and it is happening in spite of people like E. L. Doctorow.

Right now, Iranians are rioting against their fascist regime - almost certainly with covert support from the United States. G-d willing, they will succeed in their goal of overthrowing the ayatollahs and establishing a free and democratic state in their homeland. If our Government chooses to help them in this courageous struggle, it will be in part because they know such a policy will enjoy popular support - in part because of citizen efforts like the Iran Regime Change Petition.

Doctorow is partially right - and only partially - about one thing: "The President we get is the country we get." I am confident that, by November, the American people will see the wisdom of electing the brave and compassionate President Bush, and not the duplicitous, cowardly John Kerry.

But contrary to Doctorow, the President does not single-handedly form our national consciousness. Typical of today's Left is the fantasy that America is a dictatorship; this nonsense can be believed only by people who know nothing of real dictatorships - and who care nothing for those who live under them.

This piece of rubbish perfectly illustrates why I have nothing but contempt for the contemporary Left, and precious little respect for most of today's "intellectuals".