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SPECIAL EDITION: The Portland Mukhabarat

It's worth mentioning Auntie Cracker again. "Everyone should vote!" Errr, no. If you don't care, if you're not informed on the issues, then don't vote. So says Auntie Cracker, and I agree.

No on Amendment 36 to the Oregon Constitution! Join ampersand, bean, and friends at Alas, A Blog in defending the right of lesbian and gay couples to marry. Also some positive comments about Log Cabin Republicans, lots of feminist stuff, and a fabulous cartoon called Hereville.

For the political omnivore, a group blog called Blog Junky has your fix.

Sure, you knew Lyndon LaRouche was insane. But do you really appreciate the full depth, breadth, and scope of his madness? Or what lavender can do for a seven-year-old girl's room? What do Christopher Hitchens and Victor Davis Hanson have in common? For the answers to those and other questions, you must visit Jason Holliston.

Hat tip for Alas, Blog Junky, and Jason Holliston: Michael J. Totten.