Let's blogroll!

Big Pharaoh takes on Friedman. Egyptian blogger GM responds to Thomas L. Friedman's column on American's supposed "addiction" to 9/11. Read it here.

The Head Heeb wins the award for "Best Post Title of the Week" for his damning review of "The Passion".

And speaking of movies, screenwriter Roger L. Simon posts his rave review of "Team America" here. Also find out more about the sinister conspiracy between Roger L. Simon and Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. Look for a fedora and a Hawaiian print shirt ...

FOR what? Michele at A Small Victory has a blistering response to the self-serving idiots of the Iraq Photo Project. This post is an excellent reference for those who might have missed the past year's worth of Iraqi blogs.

Imshin takes a break from the stresses of life in Israel and shares some beautiful photos of her country - which, some claim, does not exist.

Juliette is finding her own country - Southern California - a little less beautiful lately, but is counting her blessings nevertheless. (Hey J, don't forget the next line: "But it pours, oh man it pours.")