Iran Bulletin: Nemazee Denies Regime Ties - Points Finger at Kerry

Hassan Nemazee, the Iranian-American banker who is one of Senator John Kerry's chief fund-raisers, denied Iran activists' allegations that he is a supporter of the IRI regime. He spoke under oath at a deposition connected with Nemazee's civil lawsuit against Aryo Pirouznia, the leader of Iranian activist group SMCCDI.

But Nemazee went far beyond rejecting Pirouznia's accusations of regime ties. He explicitly repudiated his employer's Iran policy, saying that Tehran should not be trusted with nuclear weapons, that the regime posed a threat to the world, and that "he would be delighted to see regime change in Tehran". Nemazee also criticized Kerry's proposed policy of normalizing ties with the Iran regime.

More details as they become available.

Nemazee drops bombshell, dime on Kerry