Remembering the 49

Kat at The Middle Ground writes that the cold-blooded massacre of Iraqi recruits should become a rallying-point for Iraqis. Will it?
.... What feels wrong from this side of the ocean is what appears to be a missing Iraqi national will or concensus about who they are, what they are fighting for and who it is all for. Seems like every group has their own agenda and can't see to the first agenda, the national agenda.
Patriots and Soldiers

Big Pharaoh takes a moment to fadfad - Egyptian Arabic for getting something off your chest - about the terrorists' tiresome search for new tricks:
The Wahabi/Salafi animals in Iraq showed us today a new way to display the different kinds of demons they have inside. They kidnapped over 50 young police recruits on their way from training and ordered them to lie down on the ground. They neatly organized their preys in rows of 12 and made them put their hands behind their heads. The animals then stood in front of each victim and placed a single bullet in his head.

That was a new show by the Wahabi/Salafi animals in Iraq. First they shocked the world by broadcasting their videos that showed Nicholas Berg being slaughtered. Today, these "slaughtering videos" are not blockbusters anymore, we got used to them. The Wahabi/Salafi animals like to innovate, they are creative people. Today they showed us a new thing. Organize young police recruits in rows of 12 then place a single bullet in their heads. How neat.

Seeing the massacre as a call to action, Alaa at The Mesopotamian provides a link to World Inquiry, which is organizing a multi-pronged campaign to support Iraqi freedom. WI's program includes collecting letters of support for Iraqi security forces:
My new partner in crime, Michelle, will be co-author of a plan to spread peace of mind in Iraq. Since my initial project, I have been contacted by all four representatives in the US congress from my state, and we have been offered assistance from one whom I am voting for this term to ensure this project's success.

This time, our sights are set much higher. We plan to send letters to the Iraqi Police and Civil Defense Forces in Fallujah, Najaf, Samarra, and Baghdad. 40 letters to one city, however impressive on the first go-around, will not cut it this time. We need you, the reader to petition your congressmen and women to write letters to these brave souls who wake up every morning without knowing whether or not they will have to die for their country to secure it, and whether or not they will succeed. We need letters from you, we need letters from your grandmother, we need letters from everyone we possibly can get from all walks of life and all political leanings.
World Inquiry project
The Mesopotamian

World Inquiry is also promoting an ambitious project to translate Federalist 10 into Arabic and distribute it in Iraq and the Arab world.

I'd like to write more about Big Pharaoh's post. It reminds me of an earlier post by Zeyad at Healing Iraq, which I'll try to track down soon. Unfortunately I don't have time to post more this morning; got to get ready for class.