Oregon's Amendment 36 Seeks to Bar Gay Marriage

Oregonians will vote on Constitutional Amendment 36 this year, a bill which would write discrimination into the State's constitution. By defining marriage as "between one man and one woman", the amendment would hurt lesbian and gay couples and provide no measurable benefit to any Oregonian.

It is natural that people will disagree about gay marriage; but the social and religious conservatives who do not recognize gay marriage should not abrogate other people's rights to enter into contractual relationships. Amendment 36 is also a violation of the religious liberties of those churches and religious organizations which do recognize the sanctity of a gay couple's bond.

Social conservatives argue that marriage is a sacred rite. To the extent that this is true, then, it is the province of the churches, synagogues, and mosques. But marriage is also a legal contract; and to the extent that it is that, no religious sect or group has the right to deny access to that contract to its fellow citizens.

Oregonians, vote NO ON 36.