Morning Report: October 14, 2004

US forces poised for Sunni Triangle offensive. According to a current bulletin from Debka: 'DEBKAfile's military sources report: Large-scale US and Iraqi forces poised on battle readiness in offensive array around four Sunni Triangle hotbeds: Fallujah, Ramadi, Latafiya and Balad, awaiting order to launch major assaults.' (Debka)

Russia: Iranian nuke plant complete. Iranian nuclear update: 'Russia's top nuclear authority said on Thursday it had finished construction of an atomic power plant in Iran -- a project the United States fears Tehran could use to make nuclear arms.' (Reuters / Blog Iran)

Iraqi government establishes loan fund. Al-Sabah: 'Sheikh Ghazi al- Yawer the Iraqi President chaired a meeting with his deputies Dr. Ibrahim al- Ja'fari and Dr. Rose Nouri Shaweis .During the meeting ,  the presidency office has issued a decision pertains to establish the population loaning fund at capital worth of 300 billions Iraqi dinar .At a press statement, the presidency office said that the meeting was devoted on discussing the security situation in Iraq further for preparing for the elections scheduled in January 2005....' (Sabah)