Madonna Queries Kabbalah Centre's Finances

I've posted before on pop singer Madonna and her involvement with the Kabbalah Centre run by Rabbi Philip Berg and his sons, and I've suspected all along that the gifted (if politically misguided) entertainer was probably too good for the Kabbalah Centre. My previous posts, spurred by Yossi Klein Halevi's article in The New Republic, examined the star's association with a somewhat dubious institution which is rumored (among other things) to be promoting claims of immortality.

Now, it seems, Madonna is asking some tough questions about the Centre's use of her generous donations.
Madonna has reportedly fallen out with Kabbalah leader Rabbi Berg.

The singer, who is a devout follower of the mystical Jewish faith, is said to be querying how the religion is spending the vast amounts of money she has donated and is demanding a detailed account of how it has been used.

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Madonna, as I've said before, is probably much more intelligent than the media give her credit for. I think her spirituality is genuine too, and for that reason I see her association with the Kabbalah Centre as a step down for her, not a step up. It's sad that she doesn't have access to more authentic spiritual resources. As a woman, she almost certainly faces unconscious prejudice from even well-intentioned male teachers. As a celebrity, she simply doesn't have access to places like my old shul, Congregation Knesseth Israel of San Francisco, which I described here. So she works with what she has - and in this case, perhaps, discovers its limitations.

Whatever the truth about the Kabbalah Centre may be, I hope that Madonna Ciccone will continue her spiritual quest. The traveller should not abandon her journey, even if she finds she has been led astray.